Unified Field: Sound and Breath Transmission Morning Session

Back by popular demand! Come and experience the unified field activation through Breath, Sound & Light facilitated by Tibetan Sound Master – Mikael King. Accompanied by his 5 octave Tibetan overtone voice, deep throat chanting, and alchemy crystal bowls, this will be an intimate transformational experience not to be missed.

Mikael has 18+ years experience in providing conscious awakening transformation for thousands with Sacred Heart meditations, embodiment & empowerment practices, sacred sound musicianship, world chants, Tibetan Sound Overtones, Breathlight Experiences and Training immersions worldwide.

What can participants expect in these sessions?

    Combining breath, sound and light participants will:

  • DYNAMICALLY experience release from the egoic mind
  • LIBERATE emotional-somatic dualistic patterns
  • NOURISH the body’s sub-atomic particles with the breath
  • AWAKEN the heart’s torsion field
  • ACTIVATE the unified field space from within.

The Unified Field is a quantum physics term for the state in-between time & space that goes beyond the trappings of the Egoic Mind. Other similar descriptions of the Field are: Zero Point, Emptiness/Awareness, and the tantric word “Dzogchen”.

Tibetan Vajrayana refers to this luminous state of being in complete non-dual awakened formlessness as “Dzogchen” or the “Great Perfection”.

Human beings are bio-holograms projected by coherent light & sound. We arise from and are sustained by the unified field of temporary phenomena from masculine to feminine, yin to yang, dark to light, breath to breath and birth to death.

Mikael King is a Sacred Sound Master, BreathLight Founder, MU Star Jewelry Designer, Ecstatic Dance DJ and Documentary Film Maker. Since the inception of his DivineJoy.org Global Ministry in 2005, He has led and co-facilitated life-affirming events all over America and the Islands of Hawai’i. He has led in-depth trainings, seminars, ceremonies & experiential retreats internationally in Japan, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, New Zealand, Russia, Peru, Bali, Brazil and Singapore. He is a certified Sampoorna Hatha Yoga Instructor and Ecstatic Dance DJ known as Mikki MU. He has lived in Mt. Shasta, Kaua’i and since 2013 resides currently in Bali. See GalleryHelios.com for full Bio.

Sat Mar 12, 2016
10:00 AM - 12:30 PM SGT
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Gallery Helios
Standard Ticket SOLD OUT $100.00
Venue Address
38 Petain Road Singapore
Gallery Helios, Center for the Art of Mind-Body Wellness